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Technical Visits

April 06 - Thursday

Visit to Serra do Cafezal tunnels

Construction of 4 road tunnels in NATM soil / rock in the mountain section in the duplication of BR116 São Paulo - Curitiba.

100 km to the work for visit and presentation of this construction in the national context, its importance in engineering and environmental contribution.

Estimated total visit time in 7 to 8 hours

April 07 - Friday

Visit to Baltar Mine of Votorantim Cimentos

The Baltar Mine, underground mining of limestone for cement production, started its operations in 1981, being suspended in 2001 and restarted again in 2008. The mining method is sub-level stoping, by means of 2 mining panels separated by a 40-m thick crown pillar, with opening of rooms alternated with pillars, with the rooms having 3 mining sublevels measuring 40-m wide and 110-m high and variable length according to the thickness of the mineral body; For each room, approximately 2.300 m of tunnels are developed with main dimensions of 3,80 x 3,80 m. The ore is mined by slot opening, fan drilling and blasting with explosives. The main access is made by a 1850-m long descending tunnel measuring 7,50 x 5,0 m, 12,4% slope and 210 m depth in relation to the surface.

Visit schedule:

9 am - 10 am
Welcome reception/Integration/PPE handout

10 am - 11 am
Going in/out of the mine with 3 vehicles - 12 persons

11 am - 12 pm
Going in/out of the mine with 3 vehicles - 12 persons

12 pm - 1 pm
Lunch - Main canteen

4th Brazilian Tunneling Congress - CBT